Congress hall

Congress hall has the capacity of maximum 1000 people and it is ideal for organization of various meetings. Possibility of creating separate spaces makes it extremely suitable for events with fewer guests or participants. There is a separate dressing room and an area to welcome guests, and an integral part of the Congress Hall is a separate kitchen fitted according to the highest standards. In addition to providing spatial capacity, we offer full audio-visual support to accommodate your technology needs according to the highest standards.



Size: 685 m2
Events capacity
600 persons theater style, first part of the room 420 persons 
70 persons U shape, first part of the room of 485 m2
90 persons Rectangle shape
120 persons classroom style in the first part, in both up to 200 persons classroom style

Food & Beverage
500 persons standing in both parts
400 persons – Open buffet
440 persons, serving preset menu


Conference room 1 behind Congress hall
Size: 60,80 m2
50 persons theater style
20 persons Rectangle shape
15 persons U shape

Conference room 2 behind Congress hall

Size: 94,05 m2
80 persons theater style
40 persons Rectangle shape
30 persons U shape

Congress hall

Information and reservation:

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